Rough Times

I was divorced after 19 years of marriage and going through a very rocky time financially. Many times after paying the bills and my mortgage, I had only $10-15 a week for groceries. It was all I could do to keep up with the bills on my mediocre wage job.

As part of the divorce, I took over the mortgage on an old house that we had been renting out. About a month after I had moved into the house, I was just drifting off to sleep in my upstairs bedroom when I heard something run full force into my bedroom door. As I set up in bed the door was still vibrating, it had been hit so hard. The door had a small hook type lock on it because I was afraid of living alone in a rough neighborhood.

I had no phone upstairs to call for help, and no weapon of any kind, except for a baseball bat I kept beside my bed. I waited for about 15 minutes barely daring to breathe, I was so frightened. I finally tiptoed out of bed and grabbed the bat, hoping to be able to sneak downstairs and make it out the front door before the burglars or whatever saw me. I crept down the stairs, but I heard no people in the house, only a strange sound of running water. I looked around tentatively before moving on to the bathroom.

In the bathroom I discovered that the water pressure line to my commode had come loose and was spraying water all over the bathroom floor. If this had continued all night while I slept, my whole downstairs would have been flooded at an enormous loss, not to mention the huge water bill I would not have had the money to pay. I praise God for sending an angel to wake me up that night so that I could find the problem and turn off the water before it became a catastrophe!