My husband and I just bought our first home 2 months ago. Two weeks ago, we noticed, (smelled,) that we were having serious septic problems. We had a new pump installed, new wiring, had it pumped out, tested the alarm, and thought everything was fine. Last weekend we awoke to our pump alarm going off. For those of you lucky people on sewer systems that don't have a septic tank, the alarm indicates that the tank is full. Big problem. Our first thought was that the pump was faulty. We paid to have it emptied out once more and they also checked out the pump, which was working, but so slowly that it wasn't draining out into our drain field. By this time, we had put $1300 into this project. $1300 out of what was saved for our 2nd mortgage payment. The night before last, the phone rang. It was our realtor whom I phoned for advice. She said that she was certain it was a breech of buyer/seller contract and that the previous owners were in violation.

She wanted us to sue them and she was ready with her attorney to write up a letter. My husband and I are Christian and asked her not to do anything. We wanted to discuss this and told her we would let her know what we planned on doing in the morning. Knowing that the previous owners are Christian too, we didn't even entertain the thought of suing them. We know, biblically, the Lord would want us to go to them first with our problem. We prayed for wisdom and guidance. We phoned her back and told her that we would like to handle it on our own. Yesterday after work, we had a drain field technician come over, who inspected the problem and wrote up an estimate that the field needed to be excavated and repaired to the tune of another $1300. Our first blessing so far is that he felt our plight and dropped the bid from $1800 to $1300. I knew that it would be expensive so I spent a good chunk of my afternoon yesterday on the phone with my bank trying to get a loan for this, to no avail. We have no money. Meanwhile, my husband and I are feeling like we bought a lemon.

We have been praying non-stop, faithfully, for God to assist us with this since last Saturday. There were times during the last 5 days where I would cry out to Him...and I felt like He wasn't there. We have been taking Military style showers, not flushing the toilet, not rinsing the dishes or doing any laundry. It's been rough on us emotionally, physically and financially. Anyhow, I also sent an email to the previous owners yesterday asking them for their prayers in our situation. We have become email friends since meeting them during the buying process.

While the field technician was at our house, the phone rang and it was the previous owners. They were so concerned about the email and the situation that they asked to speak to the technician. They wanted to hear exactly what was wrong with the system. He assured them that this was a problem that had been going on for many years. After a bit, he handed me back the phone with a gleam in his eye. When I got back on the phone with the former owners, they informed me that they were going to be paying for this in full. I was not only speechless, I cried. As soon as the tech left, my husband and I said a prayer of thanks to God for blessing us with such a miracle.

This brought us closer to the Lord and it allowed me to witness how He works firsthand. He brings obstacles into our lives so that we will draw closer to Him. He wants to have a relationship with us and that is almost incomprehensible to me. This is one of MANY blessings the Lord has given me in my life. Far too many to count. This one however was a test of faith for me. I truly believe that He had a hand in this situation the entire time.

The last thing I want to share is something about the other couple. We put an offer on the house in late winter. They accepted, however we had an exceptionally long closing on the house of 60 days. Selling your house in the winter in the state of Washington is hard because houses just sell better in the spring. The fact that we were even looking during that time felt odd and out of character for us. Anyhow, 2 days after the previous owners moved into their new home in Idaho, the wife found out that her mother was dying of bone cancer. The prognosis was very bad and they gave her just a few weeks to live.

She was able to spend 6 weeks of quality time with her mother before she passed away 2 weeks ago. If we hadn't of placed the offer on their house, they would not have been able to move, spend that time with her and see her go to her eternal home with the Lord. The most amazing thing is we had drawn up an offer for another house when I stopped and said, NO! This doesn't feel right. I want the other house. It was God guiding me. His plan is so much bigger than just what we see.

What we do affects so many people and circumstances in our lives. If we seek out like people, and remain faithful to them as brothers and sisters in Christianity, then we can witness miracles such as this. This was all God's plan and I am so glad that I didn't turn a deaf ear to His small voice saying to buy this house instead of the other. And ultimately, he blessed me with wonderful, forever, faithful friends that are helping us out in a time of need.

God Bless You.