Kiss From an Angel

This may not seem like much of a story but not so long ago I started to truly look deep into angels existance and other beings... I met a lady at my kids creche and we started talking about angels only 3 minutes into meeting each other, we just clicked!!

She started to teach me ways of getting to know my angels etc... She showed me her crystal that she uses to ask questions to the angels, and I can't for the life of me remember the name for this device, it hangs on a peice of fishing line.. well, I went out one day and brought one and was feeling quite low at this point in my I sat there frequently asking it questions...probably driving the angels crazy..I wanted some proof that there was in fact somone there answering my questions and that it wasn't all in my head when it would swing in the directions of yes no and I asked the angel or my guide, whomever it was to give me a kiss..I closed my eyes and puckered up (I know it sounds funny) and I felt like somone blowing wind in my face..just a light breeze, it felt just like a kiss from an angel would feel...I was shocked to say the least, I didnt expect it would actually happen..