My husband died from cancer at nine in the morning, I was so upset and stressed that afternoon in July that a friend suggested I go for a swim in a local lake. She knew that is what I would do when I was overwhelmed with life. I would swim until I was exhausted. My daughter and her husband and two of her friends took me to the lake where I proceeded to swim. While I was swimming my family cleaned out an area in the bush and placed chairs about for when I came out. They knew that I would not want to visit with others at the lake and would need privacy. As I came from the lake they met me with towels and led me to the area in the woods. My daughter’s husband sat me in a chair.

As I remember; it was almost as soon as I sat, my body was pulled back in the chair and my head was also tipped back, I was froze in that position. All around me was what seemed like a tunnel of light but gave me the impression that it was soft as clouds. It seemed to be almost spinning. It gave me the feeling of complete love and peace; I remember how good it felt. Then the voice of my husband (his healthy voice not the cancer one) spoke these words to me. He said, "I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT I AM OK AND I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT YOUR GOING TO BE OK TO. I WANT YOU TO GO ON WITH THE REST OF YOUR LIFE".

When I put these words down on paper they seem so short but to me it seemed that a lot more time went by, I will never forget this moment in time, the impression is branded within me and I can call upon it for comfort any time I please. I am so thankful for this gift. Because of this I was able to go on with my life and will never forget the warm and loving feeling I experienced that heartbreaking day almost 4 years ago.

I will always love my Earl