Bible on the Seat

Years ago when my daughter was only 5 we were returning from the city to the small town we lived in. It was November and cold, wet and dark. I was driving in the fast lane when suddenly my car simply stopped running! I managed to coast thru 6 lanes of (luckily) very light traffic to come to a halt on the side of the freeway just under an overpass. I knew the "official instructions" in a situation like this were to remain with the car and wait for the police to come. But I felt overwhelmingly vunerable simply sitting in my car in the dark with the traffic whizzing by (this was before the advent of cell phones!). I looked up ahead and could see that there was a neighborhood by the overpass. A hill went up there from the other side of it from where our car was stalled. And there was a chain link fence at the top of the hill. For some reason I thought that we could climb the hill and get around the fence and go to a house for help. I got out of the car and went around and got my little girl. We began to walk towards the hill keeping close to the edge of the road near the grass.

I was terrified that we would be hit by a car or assaulted by some criminal or some other dark thing. I held my daughters hand tightly and silently asked God for help and protection. We had barely gone 10 feet beyond the car when lights caught us from behind and I heard a car pull up in back of us. I kept walking even more terrified that this might be someone out to harm not help. The car drove slowly beside us and I saw it was a VW bug with a woman at the wheel. A young boy of about 12 opened the passengers side door and said "Is that your car back there? Let us give you a lift!" I turned and looked at the car fully then and saw that there was a HUGE open Bible in the backseat and that the woman and boy were nicely dressed with kind faces showing in the glow of the interior light. I thanked them profusely and felt no hesitation at all as I put my daughter in the backseat, following her quickly myself.

I was prepared to rearrange the big Bible to make room for us but it was no longer on the seat or anywhere else I could see. I thought that perhaps the boy had moved it quickly when I turned to lift my daughter in but the car was so small and I didn't see it anywhere else. The woman said there was a service station just up at the 2nd exit ahead and that they had a tow service. We were at the station in what seemed like 2 min. My daughter and I climbed out of the car at the door of the market part of the station and she ran inside. I followed her to make sure she was staying close to me. I then turned to thank the lady and the boy but there was no sign of them!

We managed to get the car towed home and gratefully fell into our beds. I truly believe that God sent that VW bug that night and let us see that Bible so that we would know it was alright to get in that car.