A day of fond remembrance of those once thought behind
A beauty in the stillness for spirit, soul and mind ---
A humor in the living that you didn't once possess
Assurance in the knowing that God has granted rest

To you, from all your wand'rings and from every single foe
These are His provisions for you, wherever you go.
So look not at your weakness, but focus on His strength
For God would have you know Him and serve Him, at the length.

For you, indeed, are special in every single way -
The Lord of Hosts, He loves you - He will never turn away.
So let your heart know dancing and let your mind know peace
For none other could have intervened to make all conflicts cease.

And as you walk in laughter from all you've sown in tears
You'll find that God has guided these many, many years
To bring you into wealth and life - That few, if any, find
Because you have a willing heart and you possess MY mind.

Let not your heart be troubled - Neither let it e'er know fear ---
For the Lord of Hosts is with you ---
And your healing is right here!

1998 Dorothy Womack

womack47@charter.net or womack47@yahoo.com


Author of : ALZHEIMER's ANGELS, ISBN 0-595-24550-1

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