Angels Of Mercy

God's angels assembled, mobilized to action
Commanded to attend to all those sanctioned
By Him, to appear at a coronation ball
They hung onto their lives, having done all
That could be humanly done. Now their day arrives
When those assumed dead are actually alive!!

God's coronation table has been spread
For all those arriving, presumed to be dead
Now knowing that life continues in spirit
Content to be rescued. Hoping to hear that
Their loved ones assuredly know their demise
Meant their bodies would cease, but their spirits would rise

Nothing can alter what happened that day
When God's angels dispatched to catch those away
Who had nowhere to run, and no one to call
Answers came swiftly, for God heard them all
He assembled His angels and commanded them bring
Each and every one of the poor to the King

Those without shelter, lacking water and food
Found that God only could turn it around for good
Their homecoming speedily commenced on that day
God's angels of mercy gathered millions away
And the ones still remaining on earth can know peace
When they realize that their loved ones
Are safely delivered to God by His angels
All their struggles and trials have permanently ceased.

2005 Dorothy Womack

Written for the Hurricane victims