While starting to doze off tonight, I saw a "snapshot" in my head, which grew bigger until it was 3-D, like virtual reality! YOU ARE THERE, that kind of thing. I remembered my poem, Paint Me A Picture, and realized you can "paint" a picture with WORDS as well as BRUSHES!! It can be DRAWN WITH OILS, or can be a DESCRIPTIVE ACCOUNT of a place where you went, DRAWN ON BY MEMORY or by ACTUAL SIGHT!! I realized again how telepathic people "know" and "see" what others are "knowing" and "seeing", whether they are with them PHYSICALLY or not! I think this must be what happened to me tonight. Mom was able to show me, LITERALLY, where she was (for only a second), so I would know how beautiful a place she was in, that she was whole, could walk and was with Jesus!!

What I "saw" as I studied the "picture" is as follows:

Mom was walking briskly (with her back to me) towards a figure (Jesus - also who I couldn't see except for the light glowing around Him), who was standing facing her with His arms outstretched. The grass was a beautiful lush green, shiny like when it's damp from dew. It was brightly, warmly lit everywhere, with white billowy clouds set against a pale blue endless sky. (Mom died at 4:30AM, in the dark, while it was raining). There was a small winding stream behind Jesus, which separated the land mass from a mountain. The mountain was made of SLATE ROCK, WITHOUT GRASS, and shiny from water flowing over it. The slate rock was dark, shiny gray (like hematite), with white flecks and spots sprinkled throughout. Beside the mountain (on the RIGHT hand side) was a waterfall, crystal clear with pure water, flowing downward into this winding stream.

The Bible says that the stream flows into the RIVER OF LIFE, which flows from the THRONE OF GOD! I couldn't see to either side, or even behind me - Just like a photograph limits your view to only what your eyes can FOCUS on!! I remember Mom's hair was chestnut brown, shoulder length and curled at the ends. She was in a silky, satin long garment with almost a tinge of pink to it (possibly the light reflected color), but also very off - white (ivory). She seemed to be between 45 - 50 years old. I think now, I must have truly telepathically seen where Mom went, so that I would be comforted by it.

I also remember this is exactly what I saw on the morning of Mom's death, in a flash of a second! I have no reason to doubt, since I know who she is with and where she lives! And THAT she lives! It's like Mom got married and moved to another place. I guess, in God's eyes, DEATH IS A MARRIAGE, where He as the Bridegroom can meet His Bride and spend eternity together!! I even heard the "rushing" sound of the waterfall (God's voice). The stream was crystal clear too and you could see the shiny slate rock underneath the water! There were no trees, no other people, no birds - Just Mom and Jesus. I thought of "come away My beloved" in the Song of Solomon...

1998 Dorothy Womack or


Author of : ALZHEIMER's ANGELS, ISBN 0-595-24550-1

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