Little Bird

It happened Saturday 15th May. I was sitting quietly reading and I heard a thump on my patio door. I jumped up and outside there was a small bird a bit like a sparrow that had flow into the door. It was on the ground and as I was watching it started to fall to one side as if it was going to die.

I quickly ran outside, scooped it up into my hands and sat on a chair outside and began to give it healing. It was breathing very quickly and its beak was open as if gasping. I continued healing for a little while longer, then placed the bird on my lap and just sat there, all the while asking for the Archangel Raphael and my healing guides to help.

I sat there for around 15 mins and all the while this sweet tiny bird just sat there, moving its feet occasionally. Eventually the bird turned its head towards me, looked, stood up, left me a little package on my trousers and flew off into the holly bushes at the end of the garden.

This was the most awesome experience I have ever had, in life and in my time as an animal healer. I will remember this to my dying day and can still see those dark eyes looking at me before it took flight into the garden.

My sincere thanks to those celestial beings that helped me on that day.

Angel blessings

Kate x