Dharma and Greg

My husband passed away February 2, 2003. He died of an enlarged heart. I believed he had a large heart because he loved people and in a deep sincere way. I use to believe he was my angel. About a week after his death my 12 year old son and I were lying on our sofa reading the book "Within Heaven's Gate's", a true story of a woman who had died and come back to life.

While we were reading this book our TV came on. I told my son to get off the sofa to see if we were sitting on the remote. We looked all over for it and found it up high on a shelf. The next day we began reading this same book and again the TV came on. I walked up to the TV and turned it off, and it came right back on, I turned it off manually 3 times without the remote and it came right back on. So I told my son, "I guess we are going to watch the TV instead. The program that was on was, "Dharma and Greg". Oddly enough my husband's name was Greg. I believe he was trying to get a message to us to let us no he was, okay.

Honestly, we haven't read that book since and the TV has never done that again.