This Earth

I appeared in an enviroment like no other of earth. floating by I knew I was a spirit again because I have remembered being out of my body before and this felt the same. as i was floating by there was a great war around me, of love and evil.

Huge feelings of pure hatred and holy grace going through me as I was in the middle of this HUGE war. The ground was evil and had cracks in it. Below me was a crack which looked like it was going on forever. The crack was about 2 metres long an about 1 kilometre deep. Under the cracks was some sort of lava. The sky was holy; words can not describe but I'll do my best. I was not scared at all because there was an Angel behind me protecting me.

Words CAN NOT describe how HUGE and POWERFUL it was. It was like nothing I've ever felt, it was absolutely huge! It had gigantic wings and amazing strength like nothing else. It was close behind me. I think that God was showing me what he's doing to keep this earth safe.