God Has Angels

We all know that God has Angels doing HIS work on earth. You tell me if you believe as I do that this was an encounter with an Angel. Actually there are 3 stories. In the mid 90's I was a heavy smoker, with a lot of health issues. My respiratory COPD made me very high risk for surgery. For close to a year I had suffered with horrible pains caused by my gall stones. After losing the requiered extra weight and no smoking rule, I was set for surgery for removal of gall bladder. I had been a church goer and devout believer for most of my life, but not fanatic about it. I made my peace with God, prepared myself for the worse that could happen my death. That's what I was told to do by the doctors as the risk was extremely high.

All the surgical team wore green, that is a must for you to know. I was told they would incubate me if I kept breathing on my own. I took a deep breath and waited for the start. I suffer from a lot of allergies too, one being sedatives, pain killers, anesthetics all work with delay or not at all. I was given a spinal , the goal was to avoid respirators and things of that sort. The technique was to be done by laser. I was wide awake and with the first incision, I screamerd. They gave me more medicine in the spinal, and I screamed louder. Now the doctor was very concerned, and gave me 3 choices : 1) quit the operation and continue with the pains 2) take the 1 chance out of 100 tom survive being put out or 3) continue the surgery, and scream with the pain I would feel during the surgery.

I was thinking about it with my eyes closed, it's hard to explain but I saw a lady in white robes with the sweetest voice telling me "go ahead with the surgery, breath slow and deep, GOD is guiding the hands of the surgeon. She was so calming that I did continue. Before we started again, I asked who the lady in white was. No one saw or heard her. It made sense because it was like I saw her inside of me, yet it looked so different. I asked the doctor later if I was imagining what I saw, and he said I was totally alert, not drugged as it had no effect on me. I was up and walking around 20 minutes after surgery, like it had never happened.

Over the years I had tried to quit smoking but never really could do it permanently. On Christmas Day 1998 I had 1 cigerette left and my daughter was going to the store. I refused her offer of getting me another pack, as I was determined to quit this time. Well The last one I had I was going to have with a fresh cup of coffee. When I lit it up, it smelled horrible. Then I tasted it, that was worse than anything I could imagine. 2 puffs and I tossed it out. A week went by without any desire, or craving to smoke. New Years Eve I stayed in and d4ecided to babysit my 3 grandchildren so their parents could go out. I felt sort of bad, couldn't really inhale completely. In the morning a snowstorm started so I walked to our local hospital a couple blocks away. It was strange because I kept thinking of that lady in white as I was walking. Like she was nearby. There were a lot of people waiting to be seen so after registration I just sat waiting my turn. All of a sudden, I heard the lady in white again, she was telling me to NOW to the desk. I felt wierd, panicky, but breathing better than before. I just started to babble to the nurse,"can't breathe, pain in chest." It was me telling her that but actually it was like I was far away. No one was with me but I felt a calming presence, like my surgery. They rushed me to a cubicle, a doctor came in asking the usual "what's wrong?" I remember he had the stethescope and I was about to answer, when everything faded. I wike up 3 days later in a hospital bed, on oxygen, and a mess of tubes. I was alone in the room, but I saw the Angel again, this time next to my bed. She smiled and just said "not yet." I knew it was an angel this time because she was almost transparent.

When the doctor came in he told me if I hadn't gone over to the nurses desk when I did, that I would have suffered brain damage. The crash cart happened to be right next to the bed in the ER and the nurse's station with several doctors was right there in front of my cubicle. By the time anyone would have gotten to me sitting in the waiting room it would have been several minutes which would have caused damage or even been fatal. The angel made me go there. Needless to say I have never touched a cigerette since Christmas 1998.

The latest expierence happened on Dec.1,2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada. I didn't have any money on me and I needed to pay a debt in cash, so I went to the ATM next door to where I live. It made all the proper noises except when it was toime to disperse money. It sent up a scree -"out of order." Well that meant I had to take the bus straight down to the bank. While I wwait for buses I always read my Missal book. Being in the Christmas month, raising a teenage grandson, I had interjected a prayer for extra money from some source so that I could buy the boy a present. I am in a wheelchair, and use Oxygen. He is 14 and helps me so much, I'd be lost without him. I am his legal guardian. Anyway--I was still on the last part of the prayers, when the bus approached. At the time the driver was lowering the ramp for me to go on, a car u-turned and stopped behind the bus. A woman anout early 20's came running towards the front of the bus.

She yelled for me to wait. I had never seen this woman before yet there was something familiar about her. She shoved something in my hand, when I looked to see what it was, it was money ($ 24) she was already running back to the car. I yelled, "what is this for?" she just replied "you BOTH have a Merry Christmas, and enjoy!Itr was then that I recognized the voice. It was the voice of the Lady in White. There were people standing around waiting for me to get on the bus, and all just looked. One little girl asked her mom why the lady gave me money and the mom said because tghey are friends.

I corrected her and said she must be an Angel as I don't know her. I asked people, in a loud voice, if they had seen the woman give me something. Most on the one side said yeah what of it. I said She must have been an Angel, as I had just been praying for extra money, and she appeared. Thats when a few older riders said things like "It's God's work and HE sent an Angel to do it." The younger ones sort of snickered. That's too sad. I have told everyone I meet what happened. YES, there ARE ANGELS, and they do appear to us. Sometimes as floating , transparents, others in human form. I thank GOD for sending us Angels, and for the PEACE they bring us.


Elaine Freytes.