Our Lady of Lourdes

Many years ago, I miscarried a baby during delivery. The harder I pushed to deliver her, the tighter she was pulling the umbilical cord around her neck. You see, her foot and her neck were entangled in the cord and as she stretched her legs to push out, she tightened the cord around her neck. I was so lost after the funeral of the baby. I had told my husband that I had to have a service for her so when we got to the funeral home, I was allowed a few minutes with her there in a small closed box. When it was time to go the cemetery, they placed this beautiful little white box on my lap and I carried her to her resting place. For many months after I was so distraught that I placed the statue of the Virgin Mary in the closet and told her I was angry with her because she had taken my baby to heaven with her.

I went to a grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes that we have here in town and sat in the open air church with my head in my arms across the back of the seat in front of me. I heard someone approaching, but I was crying so hard I couldn't pick up my head to speak. A man with sandals and a brown robe on (because that is all I could see with my head down) came and put his hand on my head and told me not to cry anymore. He said that the Lord would take care of my pain and to have faith. He said a prayer with his hand on my head & me still sobbing. After a few minutes, I heard him walk away as quietly as he came up. When I finally got the nerve to look up for him, I thought he would just be a row or two away from me, but there was no one around. I looked around the grotto; I looked around at the stations-of-the-cross, I even called out to him, but there was no one around.

I believe an angel came down to me in my pain and prayed over me. I've told this story to many people and they always tell me they believe the same thing. I felt so relieved afterwards and almost like a calm had come over my heart. Now, anytime I need to speak to the Lord, I go to that same grotto. I have never had another encounter, but I know if I need one, God will send me another angel.

Becky H.