Hello, my name is Jeffrey; this will not only shock you but will enhance you beliefs in angels immensely.

This happened about 7 years ago, while me and my brother were on a trip going from Tenn. to Ohio, we were in a Ford van going through Kentucky when the lights in the van started to flicker as if the battery was going dead. We were starting to lose our headlights so I took a route off the interstate like a by pass.

There was not a soul on the road, and our van came to a halt we lost all power in the van. It was about 10 degrees outside and we were nowhere at all near a phone and we were starting to get very cold, so we got out of the van to see what was wrong we could not find the problem. So we got back into the van, and in my rear view mirror I saw a young man walking towards the van. He was nowhere to be found when we were going down the road.

He walked up to the van and asked us what the problem was we said we were having van problems. He was carrying what looked like a book bag and he was wearing a small windbreaker. How odd. He was very clean cut fellow, we told him to get in the van that it was a little warmer than out side. He proceeded to tell us of an accident him and his girlfriend had and she had died but he came out with scars on his face, but there were no scars at all on him. I told my brother I was going to find a little firewood to build a fire to keep warm and he said ill help and so did the stranger.

Well by the time we had got the fire started a wrecker shows up out of nowhere and hooks up the van to take us to the nearest town the stranger went with us. He was so filled with joy cracking little jokes. Needless to say I was very uptight. I was worried about the van. The van after 2 hrs was diagnosed with a bad alternator.

When we had left the garage we took him with us and asked him where he wanted to go he said, right up the road will be fine so we stopped at a little mall that was dimly lit we all got out of the van me and my brother troy offered him the little money we had, he replied, I won't need that where I'm going. Chills ran up my spine and Troy's also.

We hugged him, he turned and walked away from us and disappeared into thin air me and my brother troy was crying he said strange things always happen whenever I get around you I hugged him and we went our way. My little brother is no longer with us in flesh but he is in spirit, and I know he would want me to share this with you may this bless all who read it, because every word is true.

God bless all of you,