I've Heard Them Singing Too!

I was alone, as a young girl, in a strange country. At the time I was studying and experienced many financial and emotional upheavals.

One night I had a dream. I dreamt that I was singing with the angels. The song was "Amazing Grace". I peered hard to see their faces, but couldn't. The sense of them being there was overwhelming.

The singing was spontaneous and I felt so at ease. Little groups of voices would go off in certain places. It certainly didn't sound like professional singing but it was so encompassing.

I woke up with a warm feeling.

Then the weather turned. It was black and wet and I was going to be late for work as the bus hadn't come on time. I hadn't had much sleep, as I was working from 5 in the morning until midnight.

As I got on the bus I started weeping quietly. Then I heard it. The lady sitting in front of me was singing "Amazing Grace" ever so quietly. I was probably the only one who heard her.

Now, whenever, I feel lonely and uncared for a little voice reminds me about His "Amazing Grace".