The Gossipers

They sit in the Donut Shops and Bars throughout the Towns and Cities of our country doing nothing with their lives but interfering with others using the seediness of Gossip. The kids are wherever, raising themselves while the parents are sipping and dipping into everyone else's business.

If you are in the IN crowed, don't think that you are exempt from being talked about because as soon as you get out of your chair and leave the donut shop or bar, you are the bit hit on the gossip chain. Everything you have disclosed regarding your life and much more will be talked about, ridiculed, judged and mocked while your back is turned.

It matters not if you frequent this donut shop or bar as all you have to do to be the one gossiped about is be alive and one of the gossipers know who you are. In these cases all is illusion made by the gossipers. They have no or very little true information of these stories as they many times have never even had as much as a coffee with this person or people and in many cases have never even met those whom they are working so hard to describe to their fellow gossipers. All said is fictional and this system of lies is believed more then the truth ever will be. The Gossipers don't have to have any of their information right.

They can make up what ever they wish as the stories thicken. You, whom ever they wish to deem fit are a star to the gossipers.

These same people get very angry when others decide to place them in the same light. They are the ones who will not think twice but to punch the living shit out of anyone that returns the favor with gossip regarding their lives. Rough, Tough Cream Puffs, filled with intimidation and lies to destroy others but not themselves. This, my friends is a hideous game of hatred and deceit no one should be playing.

More then even that we have a few examples of the fall out of this gossip:

1. One lived in a rooming house and had very dark look. He was quiet and stayed to himself. People at the bars and donut shops would try to talk to him when he entered these establishments but John only said hi and went about his business.

One day at the bar another customer began to joke about John being such a private person. This person began to guess at what John was all about in a very facetious way. Of course none of this gossip was reality.

Some people at a near by table herd these jokes and came to a conclusion that John was abusing children.

They promptly spread this gossip around the neighborhood. Due to this John was found beaten, almost to death, in an alley a few days later! He was treated at the local hospital and returned to his room. When the neighborhood people realized that John was still alive and at home they began to harass him on a daily basis.

A few weeks later John was found dead in his room. He had taken an overdose of drugs and left a short note on a piece of paper stating why.

John wrote: "I am ending my life because I feel I am the most hated person I know, Please God forgive me."


2. Sally is a quiet person that for the most part keeps to herself and does what she has to get by in life. Because the group of gossipers at the donut shop are not in contact with Sally on a daily basis, and Sally keeps to herself a great deal these people love to gossip about her and her life.

Sally came upon some financial troubles so her father gave her a few hundred dollars to pay some of her bills. One day when she was grabbing a coffee from the Donut Shop, Sally mentioned this fact to a friend she was with and was herd by one of the local gossipers. This person went directly to a table of his friends and told them that Sally had come into a large amount of cash. The story got bigger as it was passed along and during one conversation this gossip was herd by a seedy looking person who was not really part of the Gossip gang. This person was a very dangerous home invader.

Sally is getting ready to go to bed at about 12:30 pm, three days after this gossip was spread. She lives in an apartment with two borders. The others are also calling it a night when thundering sound came up the hall stairs. Suddenly there are three very strange people in her home shouting and threatening Sally and her borders lives. They were asking for money and somehow believed Sally had a large amount of cash hidden in her home.

Where did they get this idea and what can she do? was all that was running through Sally's head.

There were three home invaders, the guy from the donut shop and two girls. One of the girls was holding a gun on the borders that she had lay down on the floor to keep them out of their way and another girl was holding an extended billy bat.

Sally promptly gave them all the cash she had in her purse including the cash her father had given her. This came to around four hundred dollars. With this the home invaders began to yell and threaten more. Sally just sat down and told them there was no more.

Just as the girl with the billy bat was going to strike Sally, the male home invader yelled "we better get the fuck out of here; this is taking too much time." The three of them ran out of the apartment very quickly.

My point is that Gossip causes a great deal of damage in people's lives and those who are involved should see the true damage they are doing to other's lives and even death.