Angel Praying

I gave birth to a baby at 22 weeks in gestation 2 yrs ago. He was very ill upon birth due to his prematurity. He had what is called Necrotizing entercolitios. It is when holes form in the intestines and the stool spills into the cavity of the body... this illness can be fatal because the stool poisons the body. We took a picture of him in the NICU while he was sick with this illness. Over his head the reflection from the flash looks just like an angel praying over his head. I couldnt believe my eyes when I got the film developed.

Most premature babies die from NEC and my son, his NEC was healed over. The holes in his bowel line healed by themself. He is now a happy, healthy 2 yr old. I know that my child has a guardian angel that looks over him so closely... he had merely a 0-5% chance of survival and if her survived he would probably be mentally and physically challenged.... My son is walking, talking, smiling and being a regular child. There is no evidence of any ailments.

ANGELS DO EXIST! I would love to share my pic for anyone who would like to see it