A Believer

I was living in the Midwest. I was in the car, waiting for a light to change, so that I could cross a busy highway. As the light changed and I began to accelerate, a voice said "Do not go yet." I hesitated and looked around, I began to accelerate a second time and heard the same warning. I looked around, the East bound traffic on the highway was all backed up, and stopped, except one open lane. I began to press on the gas a third time and this time I heard "There is a truck going through." Again, I looked and everything was still. As I was ready to drive once again, sure enough, a small red truck came barreling through the intersection in the open lane, running his red light. Had I started up when I planned, I would have been right in his way. I felt frightened, bemused, blessed, as I safely crossed the highway that day. I have not forgotten and appreciate that my work in this life is not yet complete.

A believer