Above My House

My story is probably minimal compared to other stories and relies solely on the sighting by my new neighbor across the street.

First of all she told me not long after we moved in that she had prayed for someone like me to move in here and then said that it came to her in a dream that I was here to protect her. She said she only felt safe when I was at home. This was somewhat overwhelming to me, to be responsible for the safety of someone I hardly knew.

About 4 weeks later a sudden, urgent knock came at my front door, it was my neighbor and frantically she was telling me about something she had seen. I could barely understand her and once she calmed down, she informed me that she had seen an angel hovering over my house. I was very skeptical at first and my twelve year old son, offended her by sort of poking fun at the thought. Then things started to happen, I was told my mom was dying and had only a few months to live. This inspired my older sister and I to spend more time together with my mother. My sister had very much been involved with angels, even going through training that really got her in touch with her angels. I was inspired and while spending time with my sisters and mom, at a crucial time in my mom's illness, experienced not sightings actually but prompting and physical warnings to check on my mom.

At four in the morning on one occasion my mom was in her bedroom and my two sisters and I asleep in the front room. The sister who was on the couch was lifted completely up off the couch. She thought it was one of us but quickly realized we were both still asleep. She then ran to my mom's room and there was my little angel mom clutching her heart in pain and unable to call out to us. She made it through that night and is still at this point resting fairly comfortable.

We all know that we will loose her soon, but we know also that the angels are there watching over her and us.

I am a true believer now and it has touched my life and strengthened my relation with god. How wonderful that he has sent the gift of angels to us to guide and protect us.

Thank you for your sight and the opportunity to tell my story.

love and blessings,
Mary, A Believer :)