The Rainbow Halos

I've always had visions from the good Lord...and he let me see what halos look like this one year. I was going through this rough time spiritually and he sent me this vision.

To add some personal information, I had stopped going to church where I had been baptised, and plus I was feeling alienated from Christ quite a bit at the time. (Although that has changed, because he has helped me not feel alienated from him. I just have a funny personality and sometimes people see the personality, not me, when they look at me with their eyes.)

But I was in distress at the time, and he showed me the church where I was baptised as a Christian. (I had stopped going to church for a reason.)

I saw an interior view of all the people who were on the whole in their pews. It was like I was in the back of the church, looking at everybody. And then I saw these halos, behind everyone's head. They were very delicate, and quite beautiful (extremely). They looked like they were made of these little circular rainbows, and they were behind everyone's heads. Absolutely beautiful colors. Very intense, very pure light.

And after I had been shown this, the vision ended. But everyone had them in this Christian church...I think Christ wanted me to hang in there, and that's why he showed me, and because I could tell others about it. He has blessed me with numerous visions, especially in the past few years.

But remember that you have a halo, also, and that Christ will back you all the way in your life; here on this planet, and in eternity. Christ never leaves you in a lurch, or in a bad place, he knows how to deliver his people, as he has shown me in my life. But the vision was meant for you, too. So you will know he loves you extra special, no matter who yu are. Peace be with you. Mark- Ohio. 6-2000