Hello my name is Carl I'm 34 married with five children I am a financial advisor and happened upon this site by chance. I am glad I did I have read everyone's story with great interest. It has inspired me to share two instances in my life were I have been involved in the unexplainable.

The first time happened when I was a teenager 14 years old on a weekend camping trip with the local community center when a group of us after walking to the shops witnessed an apparition a tall dark figure we didn't know what it was it looked human at first but stopped in front of us and completely disappeared. I remember as a small boy being afraid of the things that scare most children but since that day I don't fear death I know 100% without a shadow of any doubt they do exist.

This became even more clear to me as I go older when one night I was coming home with some friends after a failed attempt at getting served ale in a pub I was only sixteen at the time as we made our way home, my friend's were just ahead of me and crossed the dual carriageway before me a car coming from the right it was a mile long road it had gone dark but visibility was excellent. I waited for the car to pass and ran across the dual carriageway the speed limit on this road was 70 mph I never looked left. I stopped running when I saw the headlights of a car coming towards me at great speed by the time my brain had told my legs to start running I was hit. I was thrown into the air like a rag doll at full speed and force in which this happened was unbelievable. I hit the ground like a rock knocking the wind out myself the didn't stop for at least 50 yd.

After it had hit me and the way I landed denied the laws of physics. None of the people there that night could believe what they had witnessed and promptly declared it a miracle. I knew different. It wasn't my time.

Many years later I went to see a clairvoyant and the first thing she done when she seen me was laugh. She said I had been given a lot of help in the past from my guardians and that they had saved my arse a couple of times. Including the car accident. I couldn't believe my ears how did she know. She also said they are with us always when you have a gut reaction about a person and it is negative it is them speaking to our souls. "You must listen to them" she said. Well this just reinforced what I guess I already knew. I also felt privileged to have had the experiences.

I hope you like what I have written and if you have had a similar thing happen to you I hope it is of comfort if you haven't then I hope it brings you one step closer to opening your mind and heart to the truth.