Jade a Lilac Crowned Amazon

On Wednesday September 15, 2010 at about 7:15 pm my Lilac Crowned Amazon, Jade flew out the front door of my apartment and wound up in a tree in back of the building. My son and I tried to coax him into to flying down but to no avail. Something frightened him and he flew a little higher up into another tree. By this time it was starting to get dark out and we were in a panic. My nephew brought a metal ladder over and we were going to attempt to get him down. As my son put the ladder up to the tree Jade flew off over the building and into to the night.

I was devastated knowing that he would't survive more than a few days without food or water. I walked the entire perimiter of our apartment that night calling his name in the rain. I couldn't eat or sleep. The next day I had to go to work so I made a call to a local bird shop where I always purchased Jade's food and explained what had happened and the lady who answered the phone said they would let me know if they received any calls from anyone who might see him. Needless to say it was very difficult to keep my mind on my job. As soon as I got home my best friend came over and we walked the entire complex again in hopes that Jade was still in the area. It was a very windy day which made things a lot more difficult because Jade's main color is green so he would blend very well into the trees. We searched until it started to get dark and still no Jade.

The next day I called a lady named Donnetta who is an animal reader, which means she communicates with animals! I was very skeptical but my younger sister swore by this woman. Donnetta told me Jade was within a block of our apartment and I would get him back before the weather turned cold. I clung to her words and began to pray to the Lord to watch over him and bring him back. When I got home from work that night I again walked the complex calling his name and still no luck. I was becoming sick myself as I couldn't eat or sleep because all I could think about was my poor bird was starving to death or worse.

On Saturday the 18th of September I got a call from the bird shop and the lady who owns the store told me she had received a call from someone in my neighborhood who saw a bird matching Jade's descrption. I immediatley called the number she provided and found out that he in fact had been seen about two miles from where I lived. He actually tried to fly onto a lady's shoulder while she was working in her flower garden! I got directions to where he had been seen and my best friend and I hopped in the car and went to look for him again. We walked through the neighborhood where he had been calling his name but still no luck and as it began to get dark I felt hopless and we went back to my apartment. My friend had given me a jar early this year that had the words "Answered Prayers" on it so she said "Write Jade has come home" on a piece of paper and put it in the jar, which I did.

That night I got on my knees and prayed and asked the Lord to watch over my bird. On Sunday the 19th of September something told me to put an add on Craigslist. I did but really was not very hopeful that I would get a response. The next day I went to work and around 10:00 am I answered the phone and a man told me his name was Ron and that he was pretty sure he had my bird! I almost fell off of my chair!!

He explained that on Saturday the 18th there were some roofers working on his roof and Jade flew onto one of their shoulders. He took him in that night and was going to put an add in the newspaper on Monday but he said he just decided to look on Craiglist first and saw my add. Now this may seem trivial to some people but the fact is 99% of pet birds that fly off are never seen again. I picked Jade up Monday night and he is safe an sound back home.

Miracle? ...you decide.