Aunty Bee

I would like to tell my story to you. It was early January 2000. My husband's aunt was in the old age home and she was ill. Everytime they called us in, we think: today is the day she will go and be with the Lord, just to be greeted by her smiling, cheering face the next hour or so after her ordeal.

That night, after such an experience with her, my husband and I went to bed and I was lying awake, but with eyes closed, worried about aunty Bee, as we called her.

I knew I was awake, because I could still hear the night sounds outside, but all of a sudden I was next to a river. I was standing on the one side and could see immaculate green lawns and healthy trees in the brightest colours of green. I saw no leaves lying around, and I could see the grass was kept very neat and short, like I was in a prize garden.

I could hear the crystal clear water rushing and on the other side, I saw a man standing. Immediately I knew it was Jesus. He had a brilliant white robe, with wide sleeves hanging from His arms, outstretched, as to welcome me. I could see a gold sash around the waist. I could not see His face so clearly, but I could feel immense love and grace radiating from Him. I wanted to walk over to Him, but I could just stand in awe, drinking in this love.

Then, all of a sudden, I was in a different place, like a market square in Bible days.The men wore long robe-like clothes with sandals and the women were hardly seen. I was standing in one corner, taking in where I was. Then I heard some banging to my left and walked over there. A man, who looked like a soldier, was bent over someone lying on the cobbled ground, and I saw he was doing the banging with something in his hand.

The person on the ground caught my eye and I saw he was suspended on a cross. This soldier was hitting thick nails into this man's wrists. I immediately sensed pain and hurt and saw this young man in agony on the cross. The thought came to mind: this is Jesus being crucified. My insides gave a turn and sobs from deep within me came and escaped my mouth. I was drenched with tears. Then, after a few seconds, the scene changed again.

I was standing next to a dirt road. As I looked up, I saw legions of people, all dressed in brilliant white robes on white horses coming towards me. The front "person" I saw, drew my attention. He wore a beautiful golden crown on His head and He carried a white flag in His left hand, trimmed with gold It was like. I wasn't scared at all, because in my heart I knew this was God. And the others with Him, were His angels, each carrying a flag. I knew I was in the presence of the Almighty God, the King of kings and Lord of lords! As He came past me, I looked up. There was light radiating from His face, so, that I could not see it, as it was so brilliantl! A voice came to my mind and it said: "My beloved child, I am your Father. I love you very much!" I saw a glimpse of a smile through this light, and I felt so loved. Then He went on and I just looked at all this in amazement.

All of a sudden I was in my bed, my face wet with the tears that I have shed, and I could hear the crickets outside. What felt like hours must have been a mere 5 - 10 min. I had lots of other visions, but this was very different and so vivid. I can still see it today.

Friendly Jesus-greetings to all