Good Samaritan or an Angel?

The hairs on my head are still sticking up as I type this. I was reading the encounters on your website earlier today and when I stopped reading I remember saying to myself how much I would love to encounter an angel. Well, no sooner said than done.

My nephew and niece were at my home for a couple of hours this afternoon. My brother in law came by to pick them up and about five minutes after they had left he called me asking me to go help him out as his car ran out of gas. Sure enough I ran out and about a mile down the street where I live I found his car with the hazard lights on. I parked behind him and turned on my hazard lights so as to avoid any cars running into his and leaving the scene. I spotted him on the corner gas station buying a small tank of gas. Soon he came back to the car with my nephew and niece. The street they were stranded on was a main street and I can only begin to tell you how bad the traffic was - he started filling up the car with gas when out of nowhere a tall, grey haired man wearing shorts came up to us and said, "Hi I'm not a cop, I'm a Good Samaritan."

Did you get in a car crash or are you having car trouble?" to which I responded "My brother in law ran out of gas." The gentleman said he would walk back and point out to traffic that we were having car trouble so the cars would not continue to back up behind us. And said to me "you're the 90th person I've helped this year." So he pulled out one of those bright colored vests and put it on and started directing traffic (it was dark already). At this point, I knew that he was an angel- the angel that I had asked to encounter earlier today...the angel that I said I would love to have help me in some situation. My brother in law finished putting gas in his car so I helped him get the kids in. The Good Samaritan or Angel said good bye to us and wished us a Happy New Year (today is December 26, 2004). I waved good bye and wished him the same. I got in my car and as soon as I looked in the rear view mirror - he was gone.

God sent us an angel, He answered my wish of earlier today. He sent an Angel. And the most beautiful thing was I knew as soon as that grey haired person offered to help that he was an angel. I knew he was an angel.

Vanessa Coronado
Rowland Heights, CA