Convenience Store Angel

My son and I were invited to a picnic at a park in a part of the state I was not familiar with and was quite a drive from where we lived. I had the directions, but unfortunately got lost. We could not find the park anywhere and as I was driving, I told my son to pray with me for God to help us find our way. I came upon a convenience store and decided to stop for directions.

When I went inside the store, there were so many people in there shopping and there was a long line to check out too. I interrupted the store clerk and said, "excuse me, but I need directions; can you help me"? The clerk was happy to give me directions and after I told him the name of the park, his verbal directions were long and drawn out and I couldn't understand exactly what he was trying to tell me. There was too much commotion with all the people around me, it was noisy...and his directions were very confusing. I told the clerk "thank you" pretending that I understood the directions.

I walked outside to my car where my 10 year old son was waiting for me feeling hopelessly lost still. I was frightened too being I was still lost. As I was walking to my car a man's voice coming from behind me said, "hello mame?". I turned around to see if this person was addressing me and what I saw was a little old man with gray hair sitting on the bench outside the store eating an ice cream cone. He said to me, "I overheard the man in the store giving you directions and being you are lost, I must tell you that the directions he gave you were not right and there is a shorter and easier way to get to the park you are looking for". Please know that I do not remember seeing that man standing close to me in the store when I was trying to get directions. The old man eating the ice cream cone gave me easy to comprehend directions and it turned out to be just 2 turns up the road to the park and that's all I would have to make to get there. His directions were so different in comparison to the store clerks directions. I was so relieved, told him thank you so much and got into my car.

As I backed my car up and turned my head while leaving, I wanted to wave goodbye to this nice old man eating the ice cream cone, but he was gone so quickly! I said to my son, our prayers were answered because the man that gave us directions must have a been an angel. He couldn't have just disappeared so quickly because we didn't see him anywhere. I gave my son a dollar to go into the store to purchase something to see if he was in there, but he wasn't.

Angels guide us when we are lost. I'll never forget it.