Blessed Be

My story starts with a funeral of a very giving, unselfish, loving man in our community who was very well liked and very humble. He was a mortician in our little town. My parents had known him better than I had but, because my father had died several years before, I accompanied by mother to the funeral. I wear glasses and I usually never take my glasses out of the house because I only need them for reading, but this day I decided to take them so I could see the words of the songs to sing.

I ultimately left church with only the case and thought I had lost my glasses (which I need very much because I do medical transcription for Johns Hopkins Psychiatry). I went back to the church to look around and suddenly this woman came out of nowhere and asked if I needed help.

I was just getting ready to kneel down to ask Saint Anthony and Our Father to help me. When I told her by situation, she said she would show me the way. She took me to the Usher's room and there were my glasses in a little basket. I gave her a hug and kiss and thanked Our Dear Sweet Jesus and Saint Anthony and told her I felt blessed and she said to me "you are blessed, my child."

I left the room to go to bless myself with holy water and turned around to say Thank you again and she was gone. There were no doors or anything that she could have disappeared to and I actually felt goose bumps on my skin. I came home and called my mother who was going to be a nun before she met my dad and, since he has died, she is a very, very devout Catholic. She actually believed I had had an encounter with an Angel and so do I.

Blessed be our Lord,

Mary Vander Veer