Felt Like Love

My daughter Tina was in a bad car wreck May 7th, I will never forget the day, and Tina was in the hospital with a fractured pelvis and bones in her back broken and fractured ribs.

Tina told me how she was so afraid that all she could think to do was to say the Lord's Prayer and the Fireman in the car with her said it with her. Finally Tina got out of the hospital and stilled faced a lot of rehab, she started to get into the car and started to cry and said she was afraid to ride in a car again so I promised her I would drive very slow.

The next day she felt well enough to get out of the house and go to WalMart with me, she went to the ladies room and as we came out Tina sat in the electric cart and we started to leave and this man sitting on a bench we did not know stopped us and asked Tina if he could say something to her and she said sure, and he said, "can I have a hug?" and he hugged Tina and said, "I just wanted to Thank You for being so brave" and then he put out his had to me to shake my hand and then he said to me, “Happy Mother's Day Mom” and the heat that went from his hand to mine felt like Love.

And to this day Tina and I just know it was her Angel that might have been with her in the wreck. We had never seen this man before and we have never seen him again.

Vanessa R.