The Rosary

Saturday night I was at San Juan Mission for a concert under the stars having a great time. My husband was unable to attended, due to his obligation at Ft. Benning. I started to the bathroom and the band began to play Proud to be America; I stopped in my tracks and became extremely emotional. Usually I can control my emotion in a crowd, but it has been a long difficult year for us and the majority of military families. I walked back to my friend held her hand and listen to the song, letting the tears flow for all that I mourn. Pulled myself together, and started for the bathroom again. At the end of the corridor was a well-dressed gentleman who said that songs bring tears to my eyes.

He then stated that the world is going to be safe and not to worry. I laughed it off, saying. I hope! For all the military families around the world, to have a positive closure to the war and know that what we are doing is not in vain. He told me his name and started to tell me about himself. He then started telling me that my life was in a flux and I had lost my direction, and to be careful about decisions that I was contemplating. I need to understand the importance of family and that I was the influential force in mine. He then started to pray, explaining that Jesus died for our sins and continues to die each day for the sins of the world. He talked for about 20 minutes telling me other things, but unfotunatuly I can night remember it all. He then took a rosary from around his neck, and started to reach out to place it on mine. I told him that I could not take his rosary, that rosary's were a personal item. He then stated his name again, told me the rosary was of pearls that dated back 3 generations of Irish decent and had been blessed by Pope John the? (I cannot remember the number).

I then allowed him to put the rosary around my neck and he held the cross and said that we fixate on the back of the cross, because we do not want to visualize the crucifix. He told me to pray for myself to find my direction and to pray for him to have the wisdom to guide. He then turned away and just seemed to vanish in the dark of the night. I turned around and there was a janitor working, I asked him if he knew the gentlemen, he stated that he had never seen him before.

My girlfriend came to check on me and saw us talking, but did not come over. I heard her call, but her voice seemed so far away. Her normal personality would have sent her over asking what the heck was going on, but she did not. When I asked her why she did not come over she stated, I thought you were talking to a priest and the look on my face was very serene.

He stated that all of the priest at the mission knew him, yet all that I ask had never seen the individual that I was describing.

When I took the rosary off and looked at it I felt a chill, the rosary is similarly to one my Grandmother gave me 27 years again, when she told me I had lost my direction in life and needed to pray for guidance.