A Story with an Angel Theme

My story isn't about seeing a real angel, however it has an angel theme to it.. and I take it as a sign from beyond the grave… perhaps angels come to us, not only in human form... but in other tangible forms...

My aunt Thera died in 2005. I loved her so, she was such a brave woman, as she endured the battle of not one, but two types of cancer. Never had I seen her complain, nor treat another badly during this time. I admired her strength, courage, and her soul.

My aunt, as we deemed "the saint", (since she was so resilient to the negative things life threw at her), was a collector of angel figurines and such.

It was only a few months after her death, that I believe she sent me a sign from beyond the grave. I had checked out a book from the library, on the art of decoupage. In this book, someone had made a box with beautiful angel images. I recall asking my mother " where can I find images of angels?".

The same day I had asked that very question, my parents were asked by my uncle (Thera's husband) to go to his storage unit, and look for a document he needed. My uncle, after Thera's death, had given up, and was now bed ridden. So my parents went to the storage shed, and began to look for the item he requested. They left, but my father turned back around, because he realized he had forgotten something. It was then, that something struck my mother to take this certain box she found, home with her.

When she brought it home, she hadn't looked in it. This was the first time it was opened, by us. As we began to look through the box, at the very bottom was 3 packs of some decorative tissue gift-wrap paper with beautiful angels printed on them - perfect images to decoupage with!

I know it may sound funny, but it seemed like it was planned somehow, just meant to be. When I had seen the paper ( and I was first to discover it ), I immediately thought of my aunt Thera, and about what I had said to my mother " where would I find images of angels?".

I like to believe, this was my aunt's way of giving me a sign, that she is still here with us; with the help of some 'angels'.

Michelle M.