My Two Cents

     I am an American and I stand proud
     You may have wounded me
     But I won't fall down
     I may stagger and shake
     I may sway and rock
     But I'v got sisters and brothers
     with whose arms I will lock

     I will cry for the dead
     Those you've taken from me
     But what you have done
     Right now you can't see
     You think that I'll fold
     like a coward and run but
     You have touched my heart
     Something you shouldn't have done

     You think that I'm weak for the love I have shown
     In all others tragedies  far from my home
     I've reached out in compassion to those
     hurting souls 
     And for you that's a reason to slay my own

     You don't know the giant you've awoken inside
     In the past I've stood silent
     Now it's your turn to hide
     Although I'll forgive you
     As my Lord says I should
     What goes around comes around
     and it's coming for you

     So with pity I write this
     For I know your fates set
     You'll get what you've given
     From America's best
     You'll see that although, in love we do walk
     If you hurt our breathern
     You will pay the cost

     The giants awoken yet another time
     He's awoken before and rode on wings from
     He'll sniff you out like a rat in a trap
     For your destinies sealed
     You cannot run from that

     So enjoy your laughter
     Your toasts as you dine
     For the giants coming
     And you cannot hide
     For your fate has been sealed
     And as you look behind
     You'll see our flag is still flying high!

      Shirley-September 2001