I've always kept this story to myself except for times when I felt another believer needed the encouragement, when I felt encouraged by the spirit to share it.

I was 14 yrs old,(now 34) saying my nightly prayers going threw the list of family and friends, when I got to my then boyfriend (later husband and the father of my 3 children who was 3 years older then I) he was doing cable in South Carolina. I had a vision, (this hasn't happened since) like I was there, watching but far away and at the same time I understood in my head what was happening it was so fast but yet I got the gist of it.

I thought he was in a subway and at a vending machine, a man was or came to be behind him with a knife to mug him and I knew this. Then the picture or vision disappeared, Of course I didn't dwell on whether that was real or not I just KNEW like I new the lights were out that it was happening.

I started panicking then I remembered my mom (who also loves God and his Son) said when someone comes into your head, and I am sure she didn't think it would be that way, to pray for them, because you could be the only one doing it...and this all happen pretty fast so I was praying for his safety with all my heart and the panic attack I was experiencing was not subsiding like it should when I put my trust in God, so I prayed about that too.

That's when the room and inside my head filled with light but it seemed like the light came from the upper corner of my bedroom it seemed have a point like a very slow comet. The light was so bright and filled everything the room my eyes my head so beautiful and pure so different if you were to light a room with a thousand light bulbs it would be a different tone and brightness and you would fry with the bulb lights but the other light was soft it penetrated the soul. Then the light like a light finger tip touched my heart and the light was gone I had instantly felt such peace and calmness it brought tears to my eyes smile to my face with joy and relief.

I just new that I new that he was going to be alright. So Yes, when he came back I brought it up, but I didn't tell him the story I felt he would not take it seriously and it was so precious to me. I said, "so were you in any danger when you were down there?" blink blink blink, He looked at me strangly" what do you mean?" I said, "Are where you ever in any danger when you're down there, lots of people lots of crime?" I was real casual nonchalant about it. He said, "ya, actually I was at the bus station getting a candy bar at a vending machine, this guy had a knife out and was going to mug me but a cop came around the corner and caught him before he could". Of course I had to look away cause I was grinning like and idiot.

He and I are not together now but I have told our children that story as a lesson in prayer, that if someone comes to mind in the extreme or not prays for them. I shared with my best friend to pray for the ambulance or fire fighters and safety for the people at the "fire" when they go by or when you hear them cause you could be the only one praying for them and she did, one day she was at an outdoor diner and an ambulance went by, she prayed for the person turns out it was her daughter who had got kicked in the head by a horse (she is completely fine).

Keep praying
Humbly Christ's