My Sons Angels

I have had two encounters with angels, the first on February 25th, 1995, when my oldest son Brian was 5 years old. On that particular day, we were out on I-80 when suddenly a huge snowstorm started falling, being new to the area, I had no idea what it was like to drive in a storm like that so I stayed behind an eighteen-wheeler. When my turn came to exit I hit a patch of black ice and my car started spinning and flipped over twice. The brakes were locked and there was no way to control the car. Suddenly the car straightened out and started gaining speed, when I looked up I saw we were headed straight for a trailer parked on the other side of the road, I knew at that moment we were going to die. I yelled for my son to get down on the floor of the back seat and lie as flat as he could, at least I would try for him to survive. That's when I started praying. Suddenly as we were a few inches away from hitting the trailer I felt as if a huge hand came out of the sky and literally pushed the car into the median, we flipped over a few more times and when the car finally came to a stop I yelled for my son to run away as fast as he could. I never looked back.

When the police finally came, the officer asked if there was anybody else in the car because he couldn't believe we had actually walked away from that wreck. The truck driver said that it was as if something had shoved the car, as we were about to hit the trailer. The car was a total loss. The amazing thing was not what the car looked like on the outside, when I finally looked inside the car was untouched, as if there had been a protective shield around the inside that kept us from being hurt. The second time was last October 26th, when my youngest son Joey, also 5 at the time was ill. He had been sick with a throat infection for a few days and we had been battling intermittently high fevers.

On the day in question my husband came over at 7 pm (he works the evening shift in a cab) to see if everything was OK, Joey had been fine all day and seemed to be getting better, so my husband went back to work and told me he wouldn't be home again until 2:30 am. By 10 o'clock Joey was suffocating, he couldn't breathe and he was turning blue around his mouth and the tips of his fingers. I ran to my neighbor’s house to ask her to take us to the hospital but she said no. I had no telephone at the time and no car either, so my brain just locked up and I couldn't think of anything.

As I sat on my couch holding my baby begging God to send me one of his angels to hold my son until his father arrived and to let me breathe for him, I knew my little boy was dying. He was almost unconscious when suddenly a voice in my head told me everything would be fine and this enormous peace just came over me. At 10:45 my husband at break-neck speed came running into the house yelling and asking what was wrong. On the way to the hospital he told me that around 10:15 as he was picking up an out of town fare a voice in his head started telling him to get home because something was very wrong, he tried to ignore it but the voice insisted, so he got scared and sped home as fast as he could.

When we got to the hospital the doctor diagnosed Joey's first asthma crisis (he had never had one before) but since it was of such a severe magnitude they did not know if he would get through it and we were told to prepare for the worst. He was in the crisis for 16 hours. And suddenly as fast as it came it disappeared. I knew then my son had not been alone. When he woke up he told me about a pretty lady who had stood at the foot of his bed during the whole time and sung beautiful songs to him, and kept telling him everything would be fine, that she would help him breathe.

I had sat next to my son's bed in the ICU all night, I never saw anybody at the foot of his bed. None of the nurses or doctors stood in that place. I think it must have been his guardian angel sent by God to let his father know he was in danger and to help him through his crisis.

I know now, no matter what, there is somebody looking after my children besides me.