Lost in Tokyo

When visiting Tokyo for the first day in the summer of 1998, I dropped my things off at the summer house and headed to Roppongi to party with the girl I was rooming with. Japanese subways are notorious for being confusing, and being naieve, I thought I would remember the way home by myself. After possibly running on the wrong track several times and ending up somewhere totally foreign (I realized all stations and names looked and sounded similar), I became terrified since I had no home address on me, and only one work phone number for the girl. It was 6am and she wouldn't be in until noon. The number was making me very worried since if it didn't work, I had limited money and could not speak Japanese so I had no backup plan beyond the number (I didn't even know how to use the phone since they are very different from the West and dialing numbers are also different).

For some reason while walking through the streets and backstreets of Tokyo I followed a certain path (which seemed obvious for no apparent reason) zig-zagging through all sorts of residential and non-residential areas not sure if I was going closer or further from home, but just feeling as though I should be walking, and after a while I began to enjoy myself and felt a weird confidence set in.

After 6 hours of walking in no particular direction and very far from where I had started I decided to stop at a subway (there are subway stations every few blocks in every direction), Toritsu-Daigaku, and noticed it was 11.00am. I fell asleep on a bench and woke up to call my roomate's work from the subway phone hoping she could give me directions on how to get back home from that point. After reading the station name to her over the phone she said:

"Silly... You are home."

Toritsu-Daigaku was our hometown! Figuring I could have walked in any direction and ended up anywhere, and seeing that Tokyo is an intricate network grid of city streets, the odds were just too far out. In the end, after the fear passed, I learned and saw alot of Tokyo, more than I saw for the rest of the trip since I ended up working too much while I was there. Being of Japanese descent but born in the West, I was greatful that I experienced it in many ways.

This may not have alot of evidence and though I did not see anything or hear anything, I am confident that someone has been watching over me in many similar situations. Though other people may have more fascinating or supernatural stories to tell, I still remember this as the day I met up with my guardian angel.