Cousin Heidi

It was about 4 oclock in the afternoon, my cousin called me to say she was coming over as soon as she got off work to celebrate her raise, she was so happy. So i was in the bath room at about 6 o'clock and the phone rang, my husband sounded upset so i asked what was wrong. He looked at me and said Heidi is gone, she was hit by a log truck on her way over to see you. My world crumbled i couldn't beleive it - she was my best friend, my confidant and my cousin i loved her so much. Anyway that night i laid down to go to sleep, and i saw Heidi sitting in my living room where see always sat. She was wearing her work clothes -- she was a nurse -- her smock had babies on it.

Anyway she started talking to me, she told me she was sorry it had takin her so long to get to me but the heavens where strict. She said she loved me and she would always be with me, she told me to take care of her kids, she missed them but she was happy. So after it was all over i was talking to her mom and i told her about my dream and what she was wearing and she broke down crying, she said you won't believe this but that's what she was wearing when she got in the accident, she had just bought it the day before.

That's been almost 2 years ago and i still have visits from her.

Till memories fade and life departs we'll love her forever in our hearts.