Sight & Smell

Myself and a friend were having a short meditation meeting when suddenly we both became aware that we were being visited by an angel. The angel, I have come to know as Isabella, presented as a lovely lady draped with beautiful flowers. As soon as she became clear to us the entire room filled with smell of Gardenias. Both my friend and I were surprised to be smelling as well as seeing this lovely lady. When she faded away we felt both sad and elated that we had been given this gift.

My friend and I were meeting two other friends to go to a movie and we were anxious to share our experience with them. They both smiled at us as if we were maybe a little crazy. Soon after we sat down in the theatre we were again consumed with the smell of Gardenias. The friend sitting next to me leaned over and said "that woman in front of us is using way too much perfume." but upon my suggestion she leaned forward, the smell was not coming from the woman in front nor in back of us, the smell was hovering over the four of us only.

The still unheard from friend leaned over and said "I might be sick if that smell of flowers doesn't lighten up." Instantly the smell was gone, however, our experience was not over.

As the movie progressed several different and very pungent smells made themselves known to us as accents to what we were seeing in the movie. Sometimes very pleasant and sometimes quite horrid. We were viewing the movie The Green Mile so I will let you imagine what smells hit at what times.

Isabella visits me at times, usually when I've made some decision I'm not sure of and her presence and lovely scent reminds me that if it is done from my heart it will be okay.