The Dream

BY Gerald Hershenson
As a child you were born with a dream
To live with the passion of being alive
The time came along, when it did seem
That a clouded vision did arrive

Prompted by parents and promoted by peers
Fear was expanded, and love became hope
Negativity was born in those adolescent years
Dreams enlightened burning in fire and smoke

Forget not the knowledge gained in love and life
Remember youthful dreams did not cease to exist
They wait to be reclaimed through all the strife
Energizing the being where joy doth persist

Cast not the memory of your dreams aside
Hidden, but not lost in the alcove of the mind
Rediscover those dreams and come for a ride
With the train of hope, leaving illusion behind

Weave those dreams, yet once again
This time sewn with strong golden thread
To a new love lost in the midst of men
Life renewed, still moving ahead

Focus dreams on love, not fortune or fame
With visions of passion in harmonious thought
In a world of love, that knows you by name
The beautiful, the lovely, the angel who was taught

That love exists in all spaces of time
In each creature and in each place
In every heart and every soul very fine
Love will always redeem the human race