I just found your site, and have been reading it all afternoon. I have had some encounters with angels watching over the ones I love.

In May of 2005, I had called my catholic church to have them put down who I had decided on being the godfather to my 2 little girls. That evening was just like normal, I took the girls to volley-ball with me, then their dad met us for dinner. When I returned home from dinner, my phone started ringing. It was my children's dad. He was calling me crying saying that his bestfriend had just been killed in a wreck. I met him up at the hospital which was PACKED with family and friends.

I went to the family and gave them my sympathy. I had my mother with me that night, and while talking with my mother and another close friend, I said, "I KNOW YOU ARE UP THERE BIG MIKEY, KEEP AN EYE ON MY GIRLS!" and across the sky shot the biggest and brightest shooting star. I know it was Michael's way of letting me know he heard me, and was there to watch over my girls as well as their father.

The other one was Feburary 2006, just shy of being 10 months from the date of Mikes passing, My girls' father and another friend were in a wreck. His friend lost his life, but there was an Angel with Jeremy that night. I believe that it was Michael to this day. The passenger side of the pick up was the side with the most damage, and that is where Jeremy was sitting. In Michael's wreck, he was in the passenger side, and was thrown out. Michael was there in spirit to get Jeremy down so he was out of the way.

To this day, we, my daughters and I, pray on a daily basis for the strength and courage to keep going. I know Michael is the guardian angel for my kids and their father. He is there to keep them out of harms way. WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU BIG MIKEY!