Back in 1996 my husband and I was was driving down the road. We were going about 50 mph. As we topped the hill and came over the hill, there was a dog in the middle of the road. My husband jerked the car over to the right to try and miss the dog. As he did the right tires went off the road and he lost control of the car. We slammed into a big brick mail box at atleast 50 mph.

As we hit I started to fly into towards the windshield as I was not wearing my seatbelt at the time. Right as I came off my seat I felt a jerk on the back of my shirt pulling me back into the seat.

Later on that night we were talking about the accident to his family and I had mentioned that if he did not grab me by the back of the shirt I would of went right through the windshield. He then looked at me confused and said, "I didn't grab you, I had no chance to grab you. I was being crambed into the steering wheel and the door." At that point I knew it was my Guaridan Angel. I also knew to always wear my seatbelt from then on.