Dancing Angels

The lit candles in my room gave off a soft gentle light and the scent of white sage. I closed my eyes to meditate and shed the stress of my day. It was a very difficult time in my life and I was searching for some answers from God. The flute music played softly as I emptied my thoughts. I felt a soft breeze blow over my body which was covered in a long white cotton nightgown. The breeze felt so gentle and warm absorbed every bit of it into my body. Suddenly I realized that the windows were not open. Where was that breeze coming from? I opened my eyes and checked the window. The window was closed just as I thought. As I moved my gaze around the room I saw a piece of flowing white fabric. I asked who is there? Please make yourself known. In an instant an angel appeared seated on the edge of my bed.

From my place on the floor she looked large. Her face was friendly and her arms were out stretched to me. She said take my hand and come with me. I wasn't afraid and felt safe and warm. I asked if we could talk. She said no words but I knew it was okay to ask questions and talk. Her name was Glenda and she was my guardian angel. She made herself present to me because I need her help and I needed to know she was there. I got up off the floor and crawled into her lap like a small child. She wrapped her gentle arms around me and held me for a long time. I cried and she rocked me and wiped my tears away. She told me my life was going to be good and that I needed to be patient with myself. She said, "you chose this life and you are here to grow so you can move on in your next life". She said, "your life here will be long but as you deal with your life issues it will become easier".

Then we laughed and danced in my room for what seemed like hours. She showed me how to fly and float around the room. I felt free and at home. Then she took my hand and we went out into the night sky which quickly turned into day and we jumped on clouds and zipped out into the universe and jumped from star to star. I was so happy and felt so protected, normal and important. Then Glenda brought me back to my room and placed me back on the floor. I didn't want her to go and she said, "I am always right here, just ask whenever you need me".

Beth :)