The Journey

Hi my name is Steve Young, I am 49 years old. The story I am about to tell you happened to me many years ago when I was about 19 years old. It all happened when I returned home early one Saturday morning at about 1:30 am after finishing a night shift at 1:00am. The night shift finished early on Saturdays because of the week end.

I worked for a company called Pauls Agriculture, we made agricultural animal feeds, ie: cows, chickens, sheep, pigs, Trout and all manner of food stuff for the farm. However, on this particular Saturday morning after returning home, I had my usual quick cup of tea and shower and jumped into bed. I was so tired that night I fell asleep almost immediately. I had only been asleep for a short while when I was awoken, by what I don't know, I was just aware that I was awake, but things were not normal, I was also aware that I had lost all control over my limbs, I could not move an single muscle.

This all sounds rather frightening but I was as calm and relaxed as can be as I knew somehow that I was safe and no harm would befall me. I don't understand how I knew this, only that I knew I was safe and I was happy to be in this state. My interest was sparked as I wondered to myself what could it be, I questioned myself as to whether I was dreaming, but I was sure that I was awake. I could not move my limbs but I could move my eyes and look around the room limited as it was.

Soon I became aware that I was not alone in the room, I looked around but could see nothing, no-one was there to be seen, but something in my mind knew that some-one or some thing was also in the room. I was still relaxed and calm, wondering what was going to happen when suddenly a mist or what looked like a mist started to appear over by the door of my room. I watched with fascination as the mist started to get thicker, much denser. A thousand thoughts streamed through my mind, still questioning myself about whether I was dreaming. As I watched the mist started to form into a human shape, it was as if once the mist had built up it started to close in on itself and get much denser and more visible to see as it formed into a humanoid shape, the one thing about this humanoid shape was the facts that it had wings, beautiful white pulsating wings. To say beautiful as a description seems so demeaning, they were breath taking as if they them selves had a life force of their own, they moved slowly gracefully powerfully.

I could feel my heart beating like a drum, not with fear but with joy excitement, with wonder awe at what was forming before me. I watched and waited to see what this was. Soon the mist gathered together forming a figure, whether it was male or female I had no idea, but I looked to try and distinguish, but some how it evades you, the face was powerful like a man yet has grace and beauty of a female. The body was unclothed or If it had clothes I could not distinguish them, the body was firm looking musculature could be seen but no genitalia that was visible; the whole thing was grace, utter physical perfection. The face was kind and caring, I knew I was in no danger, I felt as if I was looking into the eyes of life itself.

The wings slowly moved outwards and upwards as if stretching or flexing, I could feel the force or power of this being by the way it moved and yet it behaved in a manner so gentle it was if I was a baby and it was caring for me or helping me, I couldn't make up my mind, it was so confusing and exciting all rolled into one. After a few moments the being looked right at me I could see the facial features clearly, and it gestured to me by raising its right arm and pointing at me with its forefinger. It curled its forefinger and beckoned me to follow. It turned and stepped through my closed bedroom door, I tried to shout out to it to wait, as I could not move, I could not follow. No words came out of my mouth but I could still hear myself shouting in my mind, and even though I could not use my mouth The being still heard me. Suddenly the walls of my bedroom seemed to filter away as if they were made of the same mist as my friend who had just materialized before me.

I was also aware that I was no longer lying on my bed. I was standing looking to where the door use to be, all that was there now was more of this beautiful mist, I was wondering what it was made of when my friend returned and stood about 15 feet away it pointed to my feet, when I looked down I saw to my astonishment that I had no feet, in fact I had no legs either, or none that I could see. Suddenly as I looked down where my feet should be I saw a sort of cloud start to appear beneath me. Now don't ask me how I knew, but I knew that I was to use this cloud to stand on to move like my friend moves, kind of like a skate board if you like.

My friend moved off again this time I moved also, by thinking I could speed up slow down turn, do anything I wanted, but I was concentrating on keeping up with my friend. We seemed to be traveling at phenomenal speed, but I felt secure, I had no feeling of fear that I might fall off.

Suddenly I found myself in a hospital ward looking up to the far end. When I looked at the far end I saw my friend standing by a bed pointing at the patient in the bed. With a quick thought I moved on my little cloud to the top end of the ward. My friend looked at me with a sad look on its face and pointed again at an old woman lying semi recumbent in the bed.

The bed was by a large window, as I turned to look at the old woman I saw that she was swearing and using really bad language, I thought to my self, this isn't right, I know this woman. It was my Nan, my mother's mother. I have never heard her swear in my entire life.

She never swears she was a really stern upright type of Nan who would never hear anyone swear, woe betide them if they did.

As I stood their thinking this was all wrong the old lady went silent and slumped in her bed. I looked at her wondering what was wrong, why had it all gone silent, I glanced over at my winged friend and saw immediately as I looked into its face that my Nan was dead. I turned and face my friend and questioned, this is not right, my Nan is alive and well, she is o.k., My Nan was like an old battleaxe, nothing could harm her; she would live until she was a hundred.

My winged friend looked really sorrowful and sad, and waved a finger at me as if to say no more, she is no more. It was then that my beautiful winged friend started to vanish just the same way as it arrived, turning into a mist and the mist getting thinner and thinner. Until nothing was left, I felt empty, totally empty; it was as if some one had sucked my heart out with a giant Hoover. I looked down at my Nan lying motionless on the bed, then suddenly with a really violent jolt woke up in my bed, I must have physically jumped 6" off my bed when I awoke. My heart was beating like a wild jungle drum in my chest and my mind was so alert and active, I couldn't believe what had just happened.

I got out of bed went to the kitchen and made a cup of tea, I looked at the clock it was only 02:30am. How all those things of can happened in such a short time?

I finished my tea and returned to bed. Again I went off to sleep and rose at around 7:00 in the morning; my mother came in at 7:30 from doing a night shift at the hospital where she worked. I made her a tea and I told her of my dream, I said it was a dream because I didn't know what else to call it, but I just wanted to get it off my chest, I had to tell some one else of what I had seen. She was laughing and put it down to me being over tired and she finished her tea and went to bed.

Well that was that, I called my Nan later that day and she was as right as rain, never felt better, and so I put the whole experience down to being a dream induced by being overtired, and went about my daily life.

All was well until the following Saturday, I got up on the Saturday morning and started to do a little breakfast when the telephone rang. It was my Grandfather, "Hi granddad" I said in a cheery tone, He sounded somewhat sombre, "hello son is your mother there" he said. I replied "No she's in bed now; she was on nights last night". He replied, O.K son, could you get her to call me as soon as she awakens, her mother has been taken into hospital; they think it's a heart attack.

I could not believe what I was hearing; I went cold and just froze to the spot. I knew what was going to happen, I knew it, all I could think of was my winged friend coming to me in the night, my grand father kept talking but I didn't listen or hear a word he was saying, my mind just flew out of my head and was asking thousands of questions again. It was true, it is going to happen, and who was that winged person if it was not a dream or a figment of my overtired imagination. Who was it, what was it. I remember saying goodbye to my grand father and then thinking I have to wake my mother, she must know. Thank god I told her of my dream I thought to myself.

I shook my mother and explained what granddad had just said. She was as shocked as I was, she remembered me telling her the previous Saturday about my dream. "It can't be true she said", but I knew in my heart what was going to happen, nothing was going to sway me from that. My mother called her father and then got in the car and drove all the way up to London to the hospital where my Nan had been taken. My mother stayed up in London for a couple of days, then returned home and told me not to worry she had been let out of hospital and that she was to take it easy. Yes she had a mild heart attack but she would or should be o.k., if she done as she was told by the doctors. I asked my mother if Nan was in a bed by a large window. "No" was the reply, "and before you ask she was not using bad language either" she continued.

I was very puzzled now, I didn't understand what was going on, and maybe it was a coincidence that she had a mild heart attack just seven days after my dream, maybe I was reading too much into it. I felt to tired to care it was all getting very confusing and I just wanted to forget the whole thing, I felt a little silly to be honest with you and wanted the whole thing forgotten.

A month had passed when there was another phone call from my grandfather; yes it had all started again. Nan was rushed into hospital and my mother rushed up to London and the whole game started to play a second round.

This time I was saying nothing, I thought she would be out in a few days like last month and she would be o.k. again. My mother had been up in London for three days now, there was another phone call. It was from my mother this time saying that she would be up there for a few days more as the hospital thought Nan could die at anytime. I asked my mother if Nan was in a bed by a large window, she said no, but she is very poorly and asked me if I would drive up to London and see Nan before she passed away. I agreed and I drove up to London later that afternoon.

I got to London at around 4:45; I was greeted by my mother at my grandfathers flat. I asked where is granddad, "he's still at the hospital" she replied. I had a little tea and we made our way to the hospital. I followed my mother as she knew what ward Nan was on.

We went through what seemed a maze of corridors to the ward and walked along the rows of curtained beds only to see my mother stop and look confused, she called a nurse over and asked about her mother. She was asking about the whereabouts of her mother as she was not in the bed that she was in this morning. "Ah yes" replied the nurse we had to move her earlier this afternoon as she was hallucinating and screaming and using bad language, my mother asked about the hallucinations, the nurse said that Nan kept seeing a dirty old man in her mind exposing himself to her by her bed and she started screaming at him and using bad language to get him to go away, so we moved her as she was disturbing the other patients.

"Come this way", the nurse said and led the way out of the ward and through another labyrinth of corridors. We arrived at another ward with lots of beds in, most of them empty, right at the top of the ward was my Nan, her bed by a large window, and she was sat semi recumbent because of her heart condition. She never recognised any of us, she was in and out of consciousness, my grandfather was at her side, I could see that he must have been crying most of the afternoon his eyes were so red and sore looking. I just looked and stared at the place. This was it. I told myself, this is where I stood all those weeks ago in the early hours of the morning with my winged friend. I looked up and over to my right slightly and looked to see if there was any sign of my winged friend, but there was none, I so wished there would be.

I nudged my mother and told her this is the place, I also pointed to the exact spot where my winged friend stood when he was pointing at my grandmother. My mother looked and then looked at me and nodded as if to say I understand and believe you, everything I told her was now in place. We stayed until 7:30 that evening as granddad was exhausted and Nan didn't know we were there anyway, we all needed to get an early night and we could return refreshed in the morning.

Well Granddad got up before either of us and got on a bus and made his way to the hospital. He left a note saying he didn't want to wake us and he would meet us there. Well we had a little breakfast and then made our way to the hospital. When we got to the hospital we were not ready for what we heard. Nan had died just moment before. Granddad was distraught, grief stricken. The nurse took us into a side room and explained that Nan went quickly she started swearing and shouting and then died of a massive heart attack. My mother and I just looked at each other; we both knew what each of us was thinking. Who was this winged friend that came to me on that night and took me to see what would befall my grandmother, even though at the time she was well and fighting fit.

Well it has taken me Thirty years to come to my senses and to finally admit that it was an angel. I have always been afraid to admit it or tell the story in truth as it was for fear of humiliation but I know for a fact that an angel came to me on that night and showed me what was to come, and it did, it was as if a script was being played out by actors, everything happened as the angel had said right down to the window and my Nan swearing out of character. The bonus is I still feel my angel friend around me many times. If I am in trouble or if someone near me is in trouble I feel my angel standing right behind me with those powerful wings pulsating with life force. He helps me and he helps me help others if I can. I say "He" because as the years have passed I just get the feeling that it is a male, but I know there are female angels out there as well. They will help you in all aspects of your life if you let them.

I went to a spiritual meeting once where they talked of thing about other worlds and beings. It was about a year after I my angel experience. I was looking for explanations I think, trying to understand what was going on that I didn't know about.

It was at this meeting the woman running it said she wanted me to hold her hands; she was supposed to be a medium. She said I had work to do and that it would be many years from now when this work was to be done as I was not ready spiritually yet to carry out this work.

She asked me if I would return the following Tuesday evening. She asked if I would take part in a different type meeting. I agreed, as I wanted to find answers to a million questions spinning around in my head.

I was told to arrive at 7:00pm, I did and I was ushered into a small room to the back of a rostrum where the services were held.

She told me tonight is a healing night. She also told me that when she held my hands at our last meeting that she could feel a strong power emanating from my hands. I don't under stand I replied. She continued you have the ability to help others, you will understand as the evening goes on she continued.

She told me that everyone outside has come to be healed by spirit; there were four spiritual healers at this meeting. She wanted me to have a go, and asked if I would agree. I asked what I should do. The lady smiled and replied you will know what to do when the time comes.

I watched the other healers do their stuff and felt a little unnerved and embarrassed. Suddenly the woman looked at me and asked if I was ready to have a go, I was about to say no thank you when I had this overwhelming feeling that my angel was standing behind me and telling me to try and help this woman.

I smiled and said yes I'm ready. She ushered in a frail old lady who had a job to walk. She explained that she was having trouble with her knees due to arthritis. She asked me "will you be able to help me", I replied, "I will certainly try my love", she sat down on a wooden chair, and her knees were all swollen and lumpy. I remember thinking to myself, what do I do, then as is a light had been turned on I just reached out and placed both hands around her right knee and asked her knee to get better, suddenly I felt a tremendous heat pour from my hands it was so hot I had to take my hands from her knee and wave them about as the heat was almost uncomfortable, I was concerned that the frail old lady would feel the same discomfort. As I removed my hands from the ladies knee to cool them the lady asked me to replace them as she could feel the healing in my hand s working. I looked up at the medium lady who was smiling and signalled for me to replace my hands on the old ladies knee and continue, and so I did.

The heat got hotter and hotter, I thought I must be running a temperature, the old lady said her knees felt so much better and she got up and went home. I didn't cure her but she came back week after week for her treatment, she said it made her legs feel better and it lasted for three or four days. I would treat head aches, insomnia, fear, nerves, make people give up smoking, back pains, all manner and all sorts of ailments, and continued to do so for around 10 months. Everyone I treated remarked on the extreme heat that would emanate from my hands, and I can only put this down to my angel friend. After 10 months I moved away and never got into a healing circle again. I joined a gym 19 years ago and try to encourage the older folk in my surrounding village to keep them selves fit. It's the easiest way of helping people that I can see at this time.

I guess like the lady said I was not ready for the work in hand. I have since grown up to be a stable human being level headed married and now have two grown up children a daughter of 20 and a son of 21.

Much water has passed by me during these 30 years, but not one day has passed without me being acutely aware of my angel's friend who has stood by me through all my worries and troubles and he has been there to help me and given me answers when I need them. I am not religious in any way, I never go to church I don't understand god or religion but I know one sure fact in my life, that is I have an angel who guards me and guides me and will stay with me all the way to my grave. If you feel your angel, believe in him or her for they are there for you and let no one sway you, keep them secret if you like I do, but let them into your life, and just except them for what they are.

Steve Y.