Peace At Last

My father in law had been sent home with lung cancer for his final days, July 1, of this year, at 75 he was tired and had fought the last 12 years fighting the cancer. We had all told God it was ok for him to go home, that we understood, I was at his bedside telling him that he could go and make a way for all of us. I have a lot of angels in my home, I fully believe in the works of angels. I placed one of my favorite angels at Dads side, She is and older angel from the early 60's I was holding Dads hand when she appeared real as life holding her arms toward Dad with a smile, she said that she was taking him home that he would never hurt again, Dad passed with in minutes, but I have never felt such comfort, angels are a gift from heaven, they fill our lives, and help us everyday. My saying is an angel a day keeps a very safe way.