Loving Angelic Appearance

I've been dealing with a fair amount of pain lately due to flair up of a chronic disorder I was diagnosed with two years ago. I lay across my bed in the afternoon to take a short nap and I heard someone come into my room and say, "She's sleeping". I assumed this person (I felt it was a man, but I didn't open my eyes to see.) was talking on the phone. The next thing I felt was a person gently hold my hand for at least a few minutes then this person leaned down and gently kissed my lips. This was not a romantic kiss, but I felt very, very loved. A feeling of complete love was around me. When I opened my eyes no one was in the room and I was very surprised.

Later during a healing raiki session, I asked God who this angel was. (It just had to be an angel!) The name "Michael" came into my mind and I just ignored it and continued feeling the loving energy during my healing. When we finished with the healing session the instructor stated that she felt the presence of one of her angel healing guides and surprisingly another archangel came too.

This one she said was "archangel Michael"!!!! You can imagine my shock. I know not everyone will believe this, but the experience is real for me and it has opened my eyes to the angelic spirit world that surrounds us everyday.