The Fire

The day of December 19 2005. I had come home from work, which we call our morning shift 3:00 am - 12:00 noon.

Planned on cleaning house, lit a few candles to get in the Christmas mood. I had a toothache, took some pain pills sat down, asked my then 6 yr old to go clean his room. During this time I fell asleep, my son started to play with the cat and started a fire.

This engulfed the whole living room, the smoke alarms never went off. I happen to wake up, ran downstairs and saw the fire. Yelled for my son, running past the fire, then something came over me, I heard a voice tell me he is outside getting help. Ran back through the living room out the front door, shut it. Soon as I took a couple steps out the front door, the windows blew out.

Today our fire department does not know how we got out, 5 more minutes we would have been dead. Neither of us had a mark. I know it was and angel of god that guided us out. We are both very blessed.

Three weeks later the local newspaper contacted us about a little boy's dream that recounted our events with him; he saw an angel carrying us out.

He lived 45 minutes away.