September 11, 2001


Ghost of thousands roaming around in wonder,
Not realizing what happened, Was that last sound thunder?
So many of them standing waiting in a line
To pass through those gates leaving us all behind.

Passing through the gates each receiving their wings,
The only sound they hear are the Angels who sing.
Their only feelings are those of peace, joy and love
And what they see are things seen only from above.

Their unaware of the terror that took them there
Their unaware of the evil that ended their lives 
Without care.
So many of us left behind mourn and live in fear
Because we think of the dead as dieing, Were not thinking
Our dead have gone home where fear and pain canŐt exist,
Our dead have gone home to a place of rest.
God didnŐt leave them, He took them from pain,
He brought them home with him, no misery came.
God gave them comfort and love he made them feel safe
So try not to see the dead dieing know their in a better

   Written By:
Melody Phillips-Wells