Message From My Guardian Angel

I have always believed in angels and felt they were here for us in our time of need. I had never personally experienced one in my life until having lost a baby through an ectopic pregnancy. For 2 years after our loss, my husband and I tried everything to conceive again, from temperature charts to fertility drugs with no success. One evening as I was relaxing in my bath, I finally resigned it all over to the Lord, placed it in His hands. I realized that if it was to be, He would make it so. It was then that I "heard" in my mind's eye the sound of wings. I opened my eyes but saw nothing. A moment later a voice said to me "you will be with child again...look toward the Spring." I was quite surprised and must admit a bit skeptical as well, assuming what I had "heard" was coming from my ache for another child.

Later that same evening, I checked on my 6 year old son; he was singing a song to the tune of Patty-cake that went, "there's an angel by my bed and she says that Mommy will have another baby." I smiled, kissed him goodnight and felt that what I had experienced that evening was no coincidence....I "knew" our home had been visited by not only one but TWO angels that night!

I told a friend about my angel telling me to "look toward the Spring"....we wondered would that mean I'd conceive or deliver then? I became pregnant in the Spring and delivered a precious baby girl the following November! Her name, I am sure not coincidentally, is Sarah.

I thank God for letting me hear my angel and for His continued Presence in my life. I now notice all the "little" everyday miracles we so often take for granted.

Nancy Hall