A Flapping

In the summer of 1991 my husband and I were in Cyprus on holiday. Whilst away, my mother was going into hospital to have a bronchoscopy carried out (camera down throat into lungs). She was to go in at 9 am and would be out by 5 pm.

The evening before the test I was awakened from a deep sleep by the sound of frantic flapping above my head. Initially upon wakening I thought there was a bird or birds in the room. When I turned over and look up, I saw the tail end of "something" take off and disappear. I immediately felt I had experienced angels but couldn't figure out why.

The next morning over breakfast I asked my husband if he has seen or heard anything. As usual he hadn't. I recounted the story of the night before. He laughed at me and said I had dreamt it. That day was the day of my mum's test. At approximately 3 pm I telephoned the hospital in Scotland, from Cyprus to ask how she was. I was advised - to my horror - that my mum had arrested and 'died' at the end of the test. However, one of the doctors had noticed this and thumped her chest to bring her back - which he successfully did. The results of the test showed lung cancer, but after an operation to remove part of the lung, my mum lived for another 7 years.

: I truly believe these 'angels' were warning me of what was going to happen. I have since seen 'dead' people. Relatives. I have had warnings of deaths or near family deaths in this way ever since. To this day I am still convinced I was woken up by the angels who tried to warn me, but were also telling me that things would be okay. Which they were for 7 years.