Wedding Singer

I am a wedding singer at Our Lady of the Gate Parish, Daraga, Albay, Philippines at the age 17. It was summer, so I have no school to attend to and singing in church is my summer job, and during school days I only sing every Saturday. I am also a member of one of the choirs in my University and I get 50% off for my tuition fee. Brother Botor and Rev. Sante as my trainors really did a good job stretching my voicebox. But as a kid, I know, and my friends and parents told me, even my teacher told me that I am gifted in singing. I also participated as a choir member to sing during the blessing of our new Cardinal in our province.

And I remember a priest freshly came from Rome heard me sing in the church and told me to record my voice so he could bring the tape to Rome when he gets back there. He told me that he really loved my voice, its like an angel's voice, he told me. But, I have no time to record any tape and that the church don't have any recorder. And a church attendant told me that she wish that I could attend to sing in an every 5 a.m. mass. She told me that when I sing she felt that she was near with angels and peaceful I could put a helpless crying baby to sleep.

One day, there's a wedding, it is a very hard day for me because my voice is somewhat not in good condition singing high-pitched song. I was in the middle of the church wedding celebration then, when I was about to sing an offering song when I felt a sudden fear of singing. So, I started to pray first that "may His choirs in heaven help me sing today for the wedding celebration to be solemn and blessful." So I began to sing. As my singing has began, I felt that I am not alone singing and that I heard several voices singing with me.

I felt confused and quite weird how this could happen. My eyes grew big and wondering where are those voices came from. The pianist look at me behind with a questionable face. I gave him back a questionable look. I gained confidence then and finished the song flowlessly.

I haven't spoken to anyone about this ever until today. The pianist never tried to ask me what was it, but I knew from the look in his face that he heard me singing with a choir. Since that day I knew that my voice is only for the church and that I am not alone singing praises. My voice is to serve the church and serve God.

Before I have tried to participate in a singing contest but every time I have no feeling of excitement or interest about it. Now, I know that my voice are made to be pure, to sing only for God and nothing more.

I just regret the day that I have failed to record any song for that priest who requested me to record my songs so that he could bring it to Rome.

Everytime I saw Charlotte Church, I remember those days of my life and ask the question what if I did record my songs? What could have happened?