Circle of Light

When I was around 21 years old one of many strange things happened to me as I was walking to work. It was on a beautiful cloudless day as there were no clouds in the sky. The sun was up and all of a sudden I found myself surrounded by an intense bright light. It was as if someone was holding a giant mirror in the sky and was reflecting light on me in a 50 foot diameter circle.

As I walked the circle of light stayed with me and I felt compelled to look up. So about 100 feet from where I worked I finally looked up and it seemed everything was made invisible except for this mysterious light.

Also, when I looked up it seemed the light was surrounding me and blocking out everything that I should see, like trees, the road, myself, they were all gone. Then just as quickly as it appeared it disappeared. I can still remember that day just like it was yesterday and that was 33 years ago.