Child's Cry

I live in Atlanta Ga; I have been here for 6-years, my grandchildren live in Charlotte NC, I was talking to my granddaughter's mother last night, she had taken my daughter to work and was coming back home she had my two granddaughter's in the car with her they had a flat tire.

People kept riding by but nobody stopped to help. They sat in the car about an hour, my granddaughter Destiny begin to cry "somebody help us". A man riding by went around the corner and came back he said he heard Destiny crying. My daughter said it was noway the man could have heard her because his window were up and they were sitting in the car.

I told her you know who that was don't you. Need I say more, last be not least the man that stopped was in the neighborhood selling some kind of insurance similar to aaa.When the tow truck arrived the guy didn't have a lug wrench that would fit her car but the man did.

Lynn B.