Highway Angel

I never seen an angel but I do know they exist. I've had too many near misses in my life to deny their existance. God is a wonderful protector who gives His angels watch over us. My encounter took place in the winter of 1990.

My friends and I were driving home from college for winter break. We were driving in a terrible snow storm. I was traveling in the right hand lane of the highway since it seemed to be the clearest path. After just passing an entrance ramp, I notice a car trying to enter the highway traveling really fast for the snowy, blizzard-like conditions.

It is usually customary to move over but I couldn't, not only because the other lane was snow-covered and icy, but because there was another vehicle next to me in the left hand lane. Needless to say, the entering car broadsided my car, scaring my passenger half to death. The next thing I knew my car was turned around facing a bunch of oncoming traffic (who had no way of stopping quickly in the icy conditions).

The reason I believe I experienced an angelic encounter at the very moment I was facing the oncoming traffic was because in an instant my car was in the median, untouched. Several other cars had spun out as a result (one car was another friend from college) of the collision and they were in the median too.

I do not remember driving into the median, being hit or pushed into the median, or did I see any of the other cars pushed into the median as well. We all just "ended" up there. The only damage to my car was that the passenger side mirror was knocked off from the impact of the car entering the highway. Not one person was hurt or injured in any way because of the accident.

Although, I didn't see any angels that day...I know for sure that they were there. I hope one day to see my guardian angel and thank him/her for always watching over me and my children. I thank God most of all for loving me and for all the blessings he has bestowed upon my life.

Susan T.